Smartphone AR Projector

Convert your smartphone into an interactive projector that responds to hand gestures!

Flexible Projection

Flexible Projection

Projected Augmented Reality "AR" just about anywhere!


LIVE on Kickstarter until May 14, 2018!

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What is Count

Count is a high-performance projector with native HD 720p resolution supporting Full HD 1080p integrated with smartphone dock, an LED lamp, a speaker and an omnidirectional microphone that can all be connected via Bluetooth link. It also includes two USB ports for smartphone charging and an HDMI port for connecting smartphone with the projector via MHL adapter or Apple's lightning-to-HDMI adapter.

How does Count work?

Count can convert your smartphone into an interactive projector that responds to hand gestures!

Components are controlled by the docked smartphone running our proprietary Yinscorp App, Count is a versatile interactive projector that can project cloned or extended display of the phone, respond to your gestures on the projected screen, understand voice commands and create augmented reality ("AR") platform.

We developed the following Android/iOS App to allow users to do the following:

  • LED lamp: control LED lamp on/off and brightness.
  • Speaker and Microphone: volume up/down and mute control.
  • Projector: projector on/off, adjust brightness, and turn on/off the rear projection feature.
  • African Animals: the Match: an AR playing card game that is both educational and entertaining.
  • Augmented Reality ("AR") App: with the pop-up book we provide you will have an AR show on your desk.
  • More apps and props are on the way!

When is Count available?

Count is NOW available on Kickstarter! Enter the giveaway, back the project, and stay tuned on social media for exclusive updates as we bring Count to you!